Clients Base of Schindler Parent Consists Of Many Global Players

A brand synthesizes the DNA of your organization, product, or service. Its function is to unify the value proposition, establish meaningful relationships with its environment, and foster relevance and preference. In Schindler und Parent, we have ten years of experience in branding and rebranding projects for companies and institutions.

Our challenge is you. In our branding agency, we explore, project, and activate your brand to generate greater visibility and preference towards your audiences. Unique user experiences through our branding services that start today with you.

We create brands that generate a hefty client base, which eventually adds value, clarifies the value proposition, reduce the risk of competitors entering, retain users, and establish a common culture.

Branding brings added value

We create, transform, and promote brands to obtain more notoriety and more fidelity. We are a branding consultant specialized in transforming the brand into a differential element of your organization, product, or service.

We combine strategy, creativity, and action to generate tangible results in the market: our mission is to transform your brand to achieve them.

Experts in boosting the value of your brand

We are a branding consultant with experience in more than 500 projects. We work with international clients who are looking for a competitive lever in branding and activate all the elements of identity, communication, and experience. We connect your brand to your growth.

Strategic Brand Analysis

We diagnose the brand from an integral perspective: we examine the visual and verbal identity it projects and the competition, we track trends and look for territories of opportunity.

Brand definition

We make the brand the leading thread of processes and operations to generate added value. As a branding consultant, we carry out transformative brand strategies aimed at providing results.

Brand activation

Criteria, advice, implementation, and control of all contact points. We direct brand transformation through personality, attitude, internal creed, and visual and verbal communication style.

The brand architecture (or brand architecture) is the way in which an ecosystem of brands is ordered towards its users, internal public, and managers. We structure relationships and hierarchy with a competitive approach that seeks clarity in the market, the ability to penetrate new segments, and efficiency in internal processes.

Sometimes they give us prizes, and sometimes we talk to the media as branding experts.

We have recognized our work with design and communication awards in different categories. In addition, we express our opinion and point of view in the press in cases related to brands and their reputation.

Consistency in corporate identity decision making

Our own methodology applies to more than 40 brand architecture projects for complex organizations. We help brands in processes of merger, diversification, or concentration of activities. We analyze each institution and company in detail to define an optimal and realistic model with its objectives, reality, and values.

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